Music Online provides Worldwide access to Ugandan Music, lyrics, musician's profiles, photos, news and gossip. Other Services include; Free SMS and Chat, Email Addresses and Subdomains(For the Musicians only).
The idea is to have a detailed profile of each user's musical taste; the site also offers numerous social networking features i.e. connecting people using music.
Users should be able to create custom playlists from any of the audio tracks in the site's music library, and listen to some individual tracks on demand, or download tracks if the rights holder (musicians) has previously authorized it.



Artist Account

Each Musician creates an account that he/she manages (www.ugmusic.net/musiciansname).
A musicians profile shows details of the total number of plays, the total number of listeners, the most popular weekly and overall tracks, the top weekly listeners, linked groups and journals and a "mini-blog" for statuses and shoutouts, albums and tracks, photo albums(Personal and Fan Pictures*)lyrics, news, events, min-bio, full bio and contact details.
A musician gets and email address (name@ugmusic.net) and sub-domain (name.ugmusic.net)
*Fan pictures are uploaded by fans

User Accounts

Registered Users are also able to post comments, update statuses, shout-out to other users, send and receive private messages and use the client music player. All songs played are added to a log from which personal top artist/track, Weekly and General music Charts are calculated
Profile page for every user includes basic information such as their user name, avatar, date of birth and total number of tracks played. This can be customized with additional information or photographs if desired but the fundamental layout cannot be changed. Profile pages are visible to all, together with a list of top artists and tracks, and the 5 most recently played tracks (can be expanded). Profile pages can also include lists of friends, feeds, groups and events. Optional customizable playlists may be also added, with tracks that the user wishes to share or promote and a list of individual users' favorite albums.
Users can send SMS, chat with other users and also manage their contacts online.


Soon the site should allow the formation of user groups between users with something in common (for example, fans of an artist, a genre of music, people who attend the same school/college or membership of another internet forum). Groups may be linked to artists.
Any user may start a group and add members. Most groups will be open to all, but membership may be subject to approval by the Group Leader.
Individual groups will have their own discussion forums and journal space


The events functionality lets users specify a name (of the event), location and time and a facility to submit reviews and photographs of past events.


Several different charts are made available, including Top Artists, Top Tracks, and Top Albums, as well as Weekly Top Artists and Weekly Top Tracks. Each of these charts is based on the actual number of people listening to the tracks

Player (DewPlayer 2.2.1 by Alsacreations)

An "in-page" Flash-based player* is provided automatically for all listeners with Adobe Flash installed on their computers; it would be necessary to download and install the Flash software in order to listen to the music available from the music library using this method if it is not already installed.
Furthermore, in the future a client application and a browser tool bar would be necessary to download and install
*Player used on this site is DewPlayer 2.2.1 by Alsacreations (http://www.alsacreations.fr/dewplayer)


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