Boj Cypher...Exaa Trapking,Dosclay,Bildon,Rapper Due And 48 Chances...(BOJmovement)....prom..Ed King Smogky- Exaa Da TrapKing

Track #:4Other Songs by Exaa
Genre:Rap 1. Exaa Trapking Hard Trapbeat 2017
 2. Exaa Da Don Watye Lamal Ft Frankie & R.Due...mp3
 3. Exaa Da Don ~ I Can't Let It Go Feat Rapper Due
Release Year:2017
Release Date:December 01, 2017
Uploaded:December 02, 2017 at 00:55

This HipHop Cypher is done by the BOJmovent, a group formed by Exaa Trapking,Ed King Smogky and Eve Jay

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