Here Are Some Of Things To Understand On Me I Study In ACOTO P/S and i sat for my PLE in ACOTO while i was studing in am prevete school calld GIL GAL JUNORY ACED so in 2012 i went to BATA MORDERN for my s1 there i study after to s2 i came back to ADWOKI HIGH SCHOOL in 2013 i study after s3 i went to CAWENTE SS that is in APAC DISTRICT WHERE OUR FIRST PRESIDENT OF UGANDA OBOTE CAME FROM in 2015 i sat for UCE after uce i procide to my s5 and s6 education i finish it in 2017 and i joint coz of JONALIST AND MUSS COMMUNICATION that one in kyambogo here in kampala but i started music when i was in s4 2015 THANK FOR UR ATTENTION +256770466098
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